Z Axis
Z Axis
Zaxis has been designing and building precision leak testing equipment and variable metering pumps for over 20 years. Zaxis understands that the manufacturing world is heading rapidly towards full automation. In an environment where “time is money” and microseconds count, Zaxis provides the smallest on the market internal volume leak tester, giving our customers the ability to run a high-speed repeatable leak test. Zaxis innovative thinking led the charge on creating Ethernet I/P connectivity for our leak testers and variable metering pumps. Our electrical engineers have dedicated countless hours, perfecting easy connectivity and integration, as well as real time acquisition of test result and data. The modular design of the Zaxis Leak Testers allows product engineers to customize any leak tester to fit their application. The same modular components are used across their leak testing instrument fleet. This facilitates simple test validation along the entire product development process. Zaxis serves a wide variety of industries. The Zaxis company is big enough to make a dent in this industry and small enough to remember where they came from.
Benchtop & Automation models
Manual or Electronic Regulators
Touchscreen interface
Leak Standards
Custom fixtures
Test Types: PD, VD, Occ, DO, F, B, C, PR