about edge
For almost two decades, Edge Manufacturing Technologies (formerly Baumann Machinery) has specialized in the sales application and integration of state-of-the-art automation equipment. Our manufacturing products can be used as standalone systems or integrated as components in factory automation. Edge prides itself on providing custom tailored solutions that support lean manufacturing processes and maximize return on investment.

Edge Manufacturing Technologies has organically expanded territory coverage to support customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio.  Our cutting-edge technologies include but are not limited to, Steel Weldments and Machine Bases, O-ring insertion equipment, Part Marking & Traceability systems, Aluminum Extrusion Assemblies, Screw Driving equipment, Conveyors, Precision Presses, Feeder Bowl, Part Hoppers & Elevators, Ultrasonic Welding Machines, Orbital Riveters, Eyelet and Grommet Machines, Indexing Tables & Rings, Pick & Place Robot Systems, Leak Testing Instruments, and Variable Metering Positive Displacement Pumps.

At Edge, our creative culture and dedication to innovation make us an essential resource for companies looking to connect with cutting-edge technologies that can improve and streamline their production processes. Through specification, purchase and integration, we leverage our decades of expertise and roster of industry leading principals to become the go-to partner for our customers – helping them reduce costs while increasing efficiency at every step of the process.


Kurt Sieber
Eastern PA, Delaware, New Jersey

Kurt has over 38 years of solid management, sales, and technical consulting experience in the fields of packaging and manufacturing automation.

Kurt joined Baumann Machinery as a Partner in 2013 to establish relationships with the company’s principals, clients, and prospects.

Before Baumann, Kurt spent six years as a Partner with IPACC, Inc., a consulting company in Maryland that specializes in puck technology, new packaging concepts, and cost reduction initiatives. While at IPACC, Kurt worked with Dan Baumann of Baumann Machinery on several different automation projects involving automatic parts feeding, cam drive systems, and product traceability.

Prior to IPACC, Kurt launched a start-up called Advantage Puck Inc., based in South Bend, Indiana, and specialized in the design and manufacturing of special injection molded puck technology that improved production line flexibilities, reduced changeover time, reduced costs, and improved efficiencies for the packaging industry. During 14 years of Kurt’s leadership, Advantage Puck successfully completed more than 300 installations in 25 different countries.

Before joining IPACC, Kurt was the Eastern Regional Sales Manager at Reed Enterprises, where he built a new customer base in New England, the Mid-Atlantic region, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Kurt began his career at H.R. Sieber & Co., where his primary focus was marketing and selling a variety of assembly equipment.

Not one to sit back and take it easy, Kurt enjoys golfing, outdoor activities (including hiking and camping), and spending time with his family.

Joe Miranda
Sales/Engineering Consultant
Western PA, Ohio

Joe Miranda joined Baumann Machinery in 2015 as a Sales and Consulting Engineer. Joe establishes relationships with Baumann’s principals, clients, and prospects throughout Pennsylvania. He has many years of industrial sales and client service experience in the laser marking, traceability, and professional services fields.

Before Baumann, Joe spent more than three years with Mecco Marking & Traceability, a leading US-based manufacturer of laser marking and dot peen marking technologies. Joe began his career at Mecco as a Service & Parts Sales Manager. In this capacity, Joe built and managed relationships with hundreds of customers, including several Fortune 100 accounts.

Throughout this period, Joe also created and implemented a Preventive Maintenance Service Plan and an OEM Custom Service Plans that propelled service department sales beyond projected goals. His hard work and success facilitated rapid promotions to the capacity of Territory Manager and shortly after, to Regional Manager of the North American South-Eastern region, which also included Mexico.

Prior to Mecco, Joe was the Sales and Marketing Manager for Diamond Technical Services, an engineering consulting and technical services company. In this capacity, Joe promoted the company’s visual and non-destructive inspection services for coal fired industrial boilers, to numerous power plants across the country.

Joe’s diverse career path includes ownership of Got It Maid, a residential/commercial cleaning service, as well as sales management for organizations like, DirectBuy and Sears Home Improvements.

As a father of four, Joe is always on the move with family activities. Joe also enjoys biking, golfing, photography, and video editing. Joe has lived on both the East and West coasts, and finds that this multi-cultural view helps him understand a wide range of personalities and build long-term, successful relationships with his clients.

Keith Gideon
Sales/Engineering Consultant
Maryland & Virginia

Keith Gideon joined Baumann Machinery in 2021 as a product specialist.  He provides his knowledge and expertise in real world applications to his customers and principles.  With 10 years of experience in manufacturing and automation, he strives to find the best solution for his customers.

Prior to coming on board with Baumann Machinery, Keith worked for Automator Marking systems as Eastern Regional Sales Manager.  Later, Keith took over as the North American Sales Manager, and handled all Sales, product management, local sales training, and business systems improvements.

Before Automator, Keith worked in many facets at Mecco Marking and Traceability for 8 years.  In this time he started as a Sales Engineer for the dot peen product line processing samples in the lab, on-site demos, and product training.  During this time Keith and his Procuct Manager were able to increase sales year over year by 30-40%.

After being promoted to Regional Sales Manager Keith took on the role of handling all sales, including dot peen and laser marking, west of the Mississippi River and Western Canada.  In his first year he helped his 7 rep groups achieve a minimum 30% growth up to 100% growth.

Throughout this role, even though it was primarily sales, Keith felt it was important to help his customers and continued his work going on service/repair calls, installation and training of new equipment, and processing samples to expedite the application process.  Thankfully, with the opportunity to be involved in all parts of the business, Keith formed a solid foundation for providing the customer with a well rounded product experience.

Finally, at Mecco Keith took on the role of Product Manager of the dot peen product line.  This position provided Keith with experience in inventory management, product development, and sales management.  He also quoted and worked with design/controls engineers on custom turn-key products that included much of the automation equipment Baumann provides today.  Testing and being involved in the design of this equipment, and how it interfaces with other customers assembly lines, adds the required knowledge it takes to provide the right solution.

Keith graduated from Geneva College with a B.S.B.A in Marketing and a B.S. in Accounting.  He was part of the A.S.M.E program in engineering and took many engineering elective courses.   During post graduation he worked as a Landscape and Lawn crew lead and worked as a Sales rep at West Central Equipment, a John Deere dealership.