DEPRAG is an assembly equipment manufacturer with over 87 years of experience, with its corporate headquarters located in Amberg, Germany. DEPRAG employs over 400 active staff members who design, manufacture, and distribute handheld and stationary pneumatic and electric screwdrivers. The North American subsidiary, DEPRAG USA, is located outside of Dallas, Texas, providing Mexico, Canada, and the Continental U.S. with quality screw driving equipment and excellent service. DEPRAG’s worldwide net covers over 60 countries with more than 700 employees and subsidiary locations in the USA, Czech Republic, China, France, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. DEPRAG USA proudly celebrated its 38th anniversary in 2019. Their product offerings include a wide variety of pneumatic and electric screwdrivers as well turn-key and integrator screw- and component feeders and assembly systems.
Pneumatic & EC Electric Screwdrivers (Handheld and Stationary)
Feeders for Threaded/Non-Threaded Components
Automatic Assembly Machines (Turnkey or as Components)
Specialized Robotic Equipment
Air Motors (Standard and Stainless-Steel Models)
Industrial Power Tools (e.g. Grinders, Drills, Polishers, Hammers, Air-Pliers)